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Intro v.2

I decided to write a second introduction post to explain some things further. As I said before, this is a blog about me and things that are relevant in my life.  That means I will write posts about events that actually happened to me.  Because I never plan on telling anyone in my family that I have a blog, I will change their names to protect their identities.  I feel this is best because, should they discover my blog, I can defend my revealing of semi-personal information by pointing out that I never used their real names.  So, in the spirit of this, I will Introduce the major players in my lives with their code names.  First off, the people who will be living with me in our apartment in Bemidji.  My cousin/best friend “Matt”, Matt’s girlfriend “Jennifer”, and our mutual friend “Paul”.  Another important person is my other best friend “Loganja” (a clever portmanteau of “Logan” and “ganja”).  He will be attending U of M Morris so he probably won’t be featured regularly, but I feel he needs to be included in this because he is really funny, smart, and he smokes weed.  Any other people who become relevant in my life along the way will also be given a proper introduction along with an awesome code name.  

I will also write about many topics that are important to me such as politics, religion, current events, movies, sports, pop culture and that’s about the extent of it.  I’m trying to model my blog after  It is mainly a sports site, but it also deals with pop culture and personal stories.  I believe that Bill Simmons is one of the most entertaining columnists ever. Reader, you should definitely check him out.

 My goal is for this blog to become something that people will enjoy reading.  If you ever have any suggestions or pointers, or if you just want to let me know that an article I wrote was pretty damn good, please feel free to do so.  I will truly appreciate any criticism/support that you have to offer.  It should be noted that I do not intend on becoming a professional writer, I do this simply because I think that it is fun.  However I really want this to be a fun blog with funny/touching/thought provoking posts.  I would like to extend a thank you in advance for the help I’m sure I will receive.



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